• Known the world over for their superior ability to tackle large projects with heavy-lift requirements, PumpJack Supply’s Pumping units are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality materials available.
  • Our complete line of models is manufactured to API standards in gear reducer sizes ranging from 40’s to 1824’s. They come in conventional and beam balanced models. Each model makes it possible for producers to complete the most challenging lifting requirements. To help ensure optimum performance, Pumpjack Supply can assist with the design of an efficient rod pumping system.
  • The history of the design of our pumpjack has been in the US and around the world for over 50 years.  There are over 20,000 units in the US and another 30,000 worldwide.
  • Using the best engineering designs, specifications and factories, we are bringing this product into Canada under the PJS label.


    • The PJS conventional crank balanced pumping unit has long been known as “The Workhorse” of the oil industry. They are simple to operate and their reliable, rugged design and construction require minimal maintenance for extended service life. The low operating costs and high efficiency of the design result in maximum returns for the producer.
    • Largest structure bearings in the industry permit longer bearing life
    • Oversized structural beams
    • Involute gearing. The quietest in the industry
    • Easy counter weight adjustment
    • Bolt-on crank arms
    • 5-year limited warranty


    • Beam balanced units offer the same level of quality and dependability as our conventional units and are well suited for the most effective production from shallow wells. Sizes available ranging from 40’s to 114’s.
  • Bolt-on crank arms
  • Easy counterweight adjustment
  • Involute gearing
  • Oversized structural beams
  • Largest structural bearings in the industry

Crank Pin Bearings

Large oversized double row spherical crank pin bearings are designed to ensure the longest wear life expectancy at maximum load.

Crank Arm Inserts

Precision tapered inserts are pressed into each crank pin hole in the crank arm ensuring the proper tapered fit with the crank pin. No removable sleeves or keys eliminating the possibility improper crank pin installation.

Equalizer Bearing

A large oversized double row spherical bearing is in the equalizer. This self-aligning bearing ensures constant equalization of the load to the pitman arms and crank pins.

Pitman Arms

Heavy duty I-Beam pitman arms transfer the loads between the equalizer beam and the crank pins. They are stronger and less susceptible to fatigue cracking than our competitor’s pipe pitman arms.

The upper ends of the pitman arms sit in saddles welded to the equalizer beam. The two halves are bolted together for easy assembly and disassembly. They are also greaseable.


The center bearing or saddle uses oversized straight roller bearings to ensure the longest wear life expectancy at maximum load.

Brake Assembly

The heavy-duty cast-iron brake shoes ensure maximum stopping power. It is actuated by a ratchet style lever. It is also equipped with a positive-stop locking pawl.

Gear Reducer

Involute gearing has been the backbone of the North American pumping unit industry for over 100 years. Combined with the roller bearings in the gearbox to provide the most reliable, quietest gear reducers in the industry. The oiling system is designed to allow speeds as slow as 1 stroke per minute.

Standard Features
  • Heavy Duty Roller bearings in the saddle, equalizer, and crank pins to ensure a long reliable service life
  • APRI 11E Involute Gears
  • GB lube system for 1 SPM
  • Precision Tapered inserts
Pumpjack Supply jacks are ideal for pumping
  • High-rate shallow wells
  • Multi-well pad-drilled wells
  • Deviated and horizontal wells
  • Deep oil & gas wells
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